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If you’re considering working remotely from another country to save some money and experience a new culture, I’ve rounded up the cheapest places for digital nomads in 2022.

I’ve been living and working remotely around the world for over two years and have managed to spend less than I would have living in Canada, which is pretty amazing.

Not only does remote work allow you the flexibility to live anywhere you want, but it gives you the potential to save money or live a better lifestyle by living in a country that has a comparatively cheaper lifestyle than the one you come from.

Here are 10 cheap digital nomad destinations to inspire your next home!

Cheapest Digital Nomad Locations

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Aerial view of a sunny day at Puerto Vallarta, one of the cheapest places for digital nomads

Mexico is fast becoming one of the most popular places for digital nomads, especially those who need to stay in a North American time zone.

Mexico is one of the countries Canadian passports can enter without a visa and has zero covid restrictions, making it one of the most hassle-free destinations to live and work remotely in 2022.

I spent winter 2021 living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and loved every minute of it. The cost of living in Puerto Vallarta was around 1500 USD/month for me, sharing a 3-bedroom apartment with two other nomads.

Although prices of apartments have increased quite a bit in the last year as it gains popularity, you can still expect low costs when it comes to living expenses like groceries, transportation, cell phone data, and eating out (especially if you eat local).

There are so many reasons to move to Puerto Vallarta. The fantastic weather, abundant marine life, delicious cuisine, and endless outdoor adventure right at your doorstep.

As soon as I got to Puerto Vallarta, I felt a sense of magic, which is a phenomenon many nomads experience here.

Medellin, Colombia

medelin colombia one of the cheapst digital nomad destinations

Medellin, the city of eternal spring, is one of the best cities for digital nomads in South America.

It’s now considered relatively safe to live in, especially in the El Poblado neighborhood where most coliving and coworking spaces are.

Besides an active digital nomad community, low cost of living, and amazing weather, Medillin offers a great lifestyle with world-class restaurants and nightlife.

According to nomad list, average expenses are just above 1000 USD per month. I’ve only been to Medellin as a backpacker but would love to return and live as a digital nomad.

As a Canadian, American, or EU tourist, you can stay up to 90 days visa-free. You can then leave the country and return for another 90-days, to a maximum of 180 days per year.

Dahab, Egypt

dahab egypt

I never would have considered Egypt as a digital nomad destination, but after spending February living in Dahab, I found what might be one of the cheapest digital nomad locations.

You can find guesthouses online for as low as $20-30/night, and if you pay monthly rent it will be much cheaper.

There are endless cafes and restaurants on the sea where you can get a wonderful meal for less than 100 EGP (6 USD). If you eat local, it’s ridiculously cheap. For example, a falafel wrap only costs 10 EGP (less than a dollar).

Dahab is a magical town on Egyp that’s perfect for diving lovers. With immediate access to the red sea, you can be in a dreamy underwater world full of beautiful corals in minutes, and a single dive is only 30 USD. It’s also got depth close to shore, which attracts free divers from all over the world.

But it’s not all about the sea; Dahab is surrounded by mountains making it perfect for activities like hiking and rock climbing. From Dahab, you can take an overnight trip to hike Mount Sinai, the mountain where many believe Moses received the ten commandments from god.

Lisbon, Portugal

girl in lisbon portugal

When talking about the cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe, Lisbon often makes the top of the list. I fell in love with Lisbon living there last year and am in the process of relocating to get permanent residency.

What makes Lisbon so appealing to many nomads is that they offer a path to citizenship through the D7 visa. Although if you are only coming for a few months, it’s easier to live there on the 90-day Schengen zone visa.

Many people say Lisbon is where digital nomads go to die. I can see why, life is good in Lisbon. It’s got the cutest cafes to work from, warm winters for Europe, and an overall magical vibe.

The cost of living in Lisbon is not as cheap as it used to be because apartment rentals have gone up significantly, but you can still get by on around 1500 USD/month, especially if you are sharing an apartment.

Staying in a coliving will add to your expenses (I paid 900 euros for a month), but food and transportation are very affordable. And if you decide to get residency, the taxes are very favorable.

Lisbon is a relatively small city, and one of the best things to do here is walking around the hilly streets, stopping to take in the gorgeous viewpoints (miradouros).

It’s very easy to make friends in Lisbon as the digital nomad community is so active – they host multiple events every week, which you can sign up for on Meetup.

Tenerife, Spain

masca tenerife spain

I have mixed feelings about Tenerife overall, but the cost of living here is very reasonable for Europe. Your biggest expense will be rent, which will vary depending on if you live in the north or south of the island, in a coliving, with others, or in your own apartment.

Coliving spaces are extremely popular in Tenerife, and you can find them all over the island. I paid 800 euros a month for a coliving space near Puerto de la Cruz and then moved to an apartment in the south with two other nomads for 680 euros/month.

Car rentals are expensive in Tenerife, so if you can get by without one, this will reduce your expenses considerably. Fresh produce is very cheap, and there are plenty of free things to do to keep you busy, like surfing, rock climbing, hiking, diving, or simply relaxing on the beautiful beaches. The landscapes in Tenerife are breathtaking.

Europeans can live here with ease, while Canadian and American nomads can live 90-day visa-free (you can stay a maximum of 180 days a year, but the periods must be split with a 90-day break). Spain soon plans to launch a digital nomad visa which is great news for those who want to stay longer.

If you need to stay in a European time zone but want to be in warm weather, Tenerife is one of the best places for digital nomads.

Read more about being a digital nomad in Tenerife

Tbilisi, Georgia

tbisili georgia

Georiga has been on my nomad bucket list for so long! Most remote workers base themselves in Tbilisi, the capital city known for its kind hospitality, fantastic food and wine, charming architecture, and low cost of living. According to Nomad List, average expenses are around 1200 USD/month.

Tbilisi is a great base to access the incredible outdoor adventure that Georgia offers. The Caucasus mountains nearby make for great hiking in the spring and skiing in the winter season. In the hot summer months, the black sea coast offers seaside retreats.

The location is also on the border of Europe and Asia, so you’ll be able to easily explore other nearby countries like Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Another reason that makes Georgia one of the best places for digital nomads is that it offers a remote work visa called ‘remotely from Georgia,’ which allows foreigners from 95 countries to stay in Georgia for up to 360 days.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

city in slovenia

For eco-conscious nomads, Ljubljana is one destination you’ll want to bump up your list. It was the European Green Capital in 2016, has one of the largest public green areas per resident, and was named by Lonely Planet as one of the top sustainable destinations for 2022.

According to the nomad list, the cost of living is just under 2,000 USD/month, which is higher than what you would spend living in Asia, but still a relatively low cost of living for Western Europe.

The opportunities for outdoor adventure in Slovenia are endless. You can go hiking in the Julian Alps, mountain biking through the Vipava Valley, or kayaking on Lake Bled. Slovenians know how to coexist with nature, making this one of the best digital nomad destinations for nature lovers.

You’ll also be surrounded by Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia, so the opportunities for traveling within Europe are endless.

Istanbul, Turkey

girl in street in istanbul turkey

Istanbul is one of the coolest cities in Europe. It’s the only city in the world split on two continents, and the blend of cultures there is incredibly fascinating.

The food is incredible, there are endless historic sites to explore, and with the recent crash of the lira, your money can go pretty far. You can live on about 1,000 USD a month in Istanbul.

The digital nomad community in Istanbul isn’t as established as some other cities, but there’s no shortage of cute cafes to work from in Istanbul. And if you love cats, you’ll love Istanbul as they pretty much rule the city.

While there isn’t much outdoor adventure in the city, you can take weekend trips to Cappadocia to ride a hot air balloon or take a road trip down to the stunning turquoise coast.

Whether you’re taking the bus or flying, getting around Turkey is relatively easy and affordable. The Istanbul International Airport (IST) is also a major hub for international flights, making it easy to travel elsewhere.

Ubud, Bali

rice fields sin ubud bali

I can’t write an article about the cheapest digital nomad destinations without mentioning Bali. Although I haven’t had a chance to live here yet (thanks, Covid), I can’t tell how you how many nomads I’ve met who rave about the beautiful, cheap villas, Instagram-worthy cafes, and amazing lifestyle you can have here.

The two digital nomad hubs in Bali are Canggu and Ubud, but Ubud is a bit cheaper. According to nomad list, average monthly costs are around 1300 USD a month.

There are many reasons you would want to live in Indonesia. Aside from being one of the main digital nomad hotspots, Bali is known for its epic surf, wildlife encounters, volcanic hikes, and stunning dive sites. It’s also pretty cheap to travel around Southeast Asia once you’re there, so you can explore nearby places like Malaysia and the Philippines.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

temple in chiang mai thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest countries for digital nomads in South East Asia and the city of Chiang Mai has become a major digital nomad hotspot.

Chiang May has an active digital nomad community, plenty of coliving spaces, and access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

A plate of fresh, delicious Thai food will only cost you a few dollars, as will one of the best massages you’ll ever have. A budget of 1,000 USD a month will get you a pretty great lifestyle here.

Most Nomads use the 60-day tourist visa, which they can extend for another 30 days before doing a tourist run, but the Thai government is also working on a digital nomad visa.

There you have it, 10 cheap places for digital nomads to inspire your next destination! Where would you love to live?

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