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Lora Pope began her freelancing career in 2018 after quitting her 9-5 to pursue her dream to visit every country in the world. Since then, she’s been busy publishing work on online publications, guest posting on websites, and appearing on podcasts. 

She’s established a large body of work and gained travel experience in 60+ countries across six continents, which had led to a vast knowledge of global travel in the pandemic era.

Please use the contact page at the bottom to reach Lora for opportunities, or send an e-mail to lora@explorewithlora.com.

Selected Freelance Writing

Selected Guest Posts & Contributions


In addition to her writing, Lora is able to provide beautiful images of places around the world to help bring articles to life. Below is a sample of selected photos, and you can see more on her photography portfolio.

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If you’d like to work with Lora, send her an e-mail at lora@explorewithlora.com or fill out this form.