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18 Stunning Hikes in Dominica To Get in Touch With Nature

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Looking for the best hikes in Dominica? Let me help you! I spent a month living in Dominica as a digital nomad, and one of my favorite things to do after work was explore the Dominica hiking trails.

As the nature isle of the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of gorgeous hiking trails in Dominica.

With nine volcanoes, dozens of waterfalls, 2/3 of the country covered in rainforest, and a river for every day of the year – Dominica has some pretty impressive nature to see, to say the least.

Whether you’re looking for a short and sweet easy hike or a full-day adventure, this Dominica hiking guide will tell you the best hikes in Dominica with breathtaking views.

Note that many of these hikes are tourism sites that require a pass from the Discover Dominica tourism authority. You can buy an individual site pass for 5 USD or a weekly pass for 12 USD that gets you into most natural attractions on the island.

lora on boiling lake hike in dominica. she is looking at a volcano covered in lush vegetation.


If you’re going hiking in Dominica, download the trail map on AllTrails before heading out.

There isn’t service on most hiking trails in Dominica, but you can download the maps beforehand on AllTrails premium, which will work regardless of service. It’s saved me more than once!

Easy Hikes in Dominica

1. Trafalgar Falls

lora sitting on wooden platform facing trafalgar falls with lush green vegetation around in dominica

Trafalgar Falls is one of Dominica’s most popular hikes, given that it’s easy to access and close to Roseau Valley.

From the parking lot, An easy, 10-minute paved trail takes you to a viewing platform where you can get a gorgeous view of the two twin waterfalls.

Mother is the right falls, and father is the left. If you want something more challenging, you can hike up to mother falls by scrambling over the boulders.

💦 Looking for a guide? This highly-rated chasing waterfalls tour takes you to Champagne Reef, Titou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls, and Morne Bruce.

It’s not easy, but so worth it as you can swim under the waterfall and there are secret hot springs at the top!

If you’re hungry afterward, stop into Rick Rock Cafe & Bar on the road just before the falls. They’ve got a gorgeous view and delicious food.

Time required: 10-15 -minutes each way if you’re just going to the viewing platform. Add at least an hour more each way if you’re bouldering to the pools.

2. Emerald Pool Dominica

Emerald Pool is a short rainforest walk on a well-maintained trail to a waterfall. It’s just 15 minutes to the viewing platform, where you’ll see the 40-foot waterfall that feeds into a gorgeous, clear emerald pool of water. It’s easy to access the water, so jump in for a refreshing dip.

Time required: 15 minutes each way.

Tip: This is a top attraction for cruise ship tourists, so plan to go later afternoon and get tickets in advance to avoid the crowds.

3. Jacko Falls

man lying on rock in emerald pool of water in front of jacko falls dominica

Jack Falls is just a two-minute walk down a set of well-constructed stairs to a waterfall. It’s privately owned property, so there’s a small entrance fee (although no one was there to collect it when we visited in 2021).

The waterfall is lovely to swim in, and there’s a rock in the water that makes an excellent place for photos.

It’s close to Spanny Falls and Emerald Pool, so the three together make for a fun afternoon or morning in Dominica.

Afterward, stop into Zeb’s bistro for lunch, which you’ll pass by driving to the falls trailhead. It’s a wonderful French restaurant, but they are only open from 12-3.

Time required: It depends on how long you swim, but the walk down is not more than 5 minutes each way.

4. Spanny Falls

Spanny Falls is a short and easy hike to a small waterfall that you can swim in. You have to pay an entrance fee at Spanny’s Bar, as the trail is on private property. From there, it’s an easy 10-minute walk down to the falls.

I found out after that there is a second waterfall above the first one – it’s a rope-assisted scramble up and over a ridge to get there. We didn’t know about it, but it sounds like a fun adventure!

Time required: 10-minutes each way

5. Scott’s Head Viewpoint

view of atlantic ocean and caribbean sea meeting at scott's head viewpoint hike in dominica

The view on top of Scott’s Head was one of my favorites in Dominica – it’s where you can see where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet.

It’s a 15-minute hike up to the top from the village of Scott’s head, where you’ll get stunning views of Soufrière Bay — one of the most popular diving spots in Dominica. It also marks the beginning of the Waitukubuli National Trail!

Time-needed: 15-minutes each way

6. Chaudiere Pool 

blue water flowing through rocks at chauderie pool in dominica

This is an easy 15-minute hike to a nice swimming pool. What’s more challenging about visiting Chaudiere Pool is the drive here.

The road is in rough shape, and although we started driving it in our 4×4, we ended up parking the car halfway down and walking the rest of the way for fear of busting a tire!

The walk is easy, though; I did it with a half-busted foot from when I went bouldering up Trafalgar. And the pool is so refreshing to swim in! What’s neat about this pool is that it’s deep enough to jump in from the rocks above.

Time needed: 15-minute walk each-way

7. Roseau Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a light stroll where you can see some of the flora in Dominica, visit Roseau Botanical Gardens right in the city center.

Another great place to go walking in Dominica is the Papillote tropical gardens in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

8. Syndicate Falls

lora in front of syndicate falls on a hike in dominica. she is holding her hands up as the water comes pouring down.

Syndicate Falls is an easy hike to a gorgeous waterfall in the north of the island. The trail is easy to follow, although there are a few shallow river crossings. Look out here for parrots, as this is one of the best places in the country to see them.

At the end of the trail, you’ll reach Syndicate Falls, where you can take a refreshing dip.

Time required: 1-hour round-trip; add in more time if you want to swim at the end.

Tip: The trailhead is close to Syndicate Nature Trail, so the two combined make for a great day trip.

9. Syndicate Nature Trail

The Syndicate Nature Trail is popular for bird enthusiasts, as you’re almost guaranteed to see parrots here. It’s an easy loop trail that’s nearly all flat. 

Along the way, there are viewpoints where you can look out into the vast rainforests. This trail is a great place to see Dominica’s various flora and fauna.

You’ll see some damage from Hurricane Maria, but it’s incredible to see how resilient nature is and how much of the forest has already rebuilt itself. The trees are massive on this trail!

Time required: one-hour round trip

Moderate Dominica Hikes

10. Boeri Lake Hike

view of boeri lake with lush green mountains behind it

Another trail within Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Boeri Lake, is a moderate 45-minute one-way hike that takes you to Dominica’s highest crater lake at an elevation of around 850m. You can drive to the trailhead, where there is a large parking lot.

The trail is well-marked with a sign, and it’s a steady climb to the lake.

The views along the way are gorgeous, but the terrain is rocky, so be careful if it’s recently rained (which it often does in Dominica)! It’s a tranquil place to hang out, easily one of the most beautiful Dominica lakes.

Time required: 45 minutes each way.

11. Freshwater Lake

Freshwater Lake is a beautiful lake in Trois Pitons National Park. You can drive straight to the lake, but there’s also a moderate loop trail that goes around it. If the weather is clear, it offers gorgeous views of the volcanoes in the park.

However, the lake’s elevation and location on the spine of the island means that the weather is often cloudy and wet, so your chances of getting a clear view are slim.

Don’t be fooled by the weather below – many times, we drove up here from a bright, sunny day in Roseau only to enter clouds as we climbed the road.

Time required: 1-hour round-trip

12. Victoria Falls

blue water comes down a waterfalls and collects in a pool at victoria falls dominica

Out of all the waterfalls in Dominica, Victoria Falls is one of the most unique due to the gorgeous milky blue color of the river then runs to the fall.

The trail is tricky – it combines land and river trails with several crossings and scrambling over boulders.

We didn’t have a guide as I was with a friend who had previously done the hike and knew the way, but I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing this hike on my own.

A local yelled at us for not having a guide as the start of the trail goes by some private property. There is a local guide who lives by the parking lot for Victoria Falls who can take you.

You can swim in the waterfall, but it’s pretty powerful, so be careful if it’s raining.

Time required: 2 hours at least round-trip. More if you want to swim.

13. Middleham Falls Hike Dominica

lora on viewing platform looking up at middleham falls come down through the lush jungle vegetation while hiking in dominica

Even though I hiked the Middleham Falls trail in the rain, it was still one of my favorite hikes in Dominica.

The trailhead is inside Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The road there is very rocky, so you’ll want a 4×4 if you’re going alone. Many people also hire a guide for this hike, although we did it without one.

The trail begins with a river crossing and a steep uphill climb that levels off into the rainforest and then descends sharply into a river gorge.

The trail isn’t overly challenging until it gets closer to the waterfall, which can be VERY slippery (especially if it’s raining).

Once we arrived at Middleham Falls, I couldn’t believe it. Standing high at 200m in the middle of the rainforest, it felt like I was Indiana Jones discovering it for the first time!

There’s a platform to take photos, and you can scramble down boulders to swim in the pool. Unfortunately, we couldn’t as it had been raining a lot and the current was strong.

Time required: Plan to spend 2-3 hours here. It took us an hour to get there as it was so slippery going down and about 45 minutes to get out.

🥾 This highly-rated half-day tour takes you to Middleham Falls and Ti’tou Gorge for a refreshing swim upstream through the canyon.

14. Sari-Sari Falls

man looking at the large volume of water coming down from sari sari falls dominica

Sari-Sari Falls is the hike that got me lost in the jungle. A guide is recommended, which I did not listen to, but now I understand why.

The journey to Sari-Sari Falls combines forest trails, rivers, and boulders. The trailhead is not apparent at all.

You have to descend through the jungle down a steep path, then climb over boulders through the river to the falls. Although we did end up finding the trail and the waterfall without a guide, we got lost on the way out and almost got stranded in the jungle.

All that said, the waterfall is stunning, and I still really enjoyed the hike until the end. Just get a guide unless you are very confident in your navigation abilities!

Time required: 2 hours round-trip if you don’t get lost.

Challenging Dominica Hikes

15. Morne Diablotin

Morne Diablotin is the higher mountain in Dominica and one of the most challenging hikes – but it also offers one of the most rewarding views if the weather is kind to you!

The terrain is very steep and requires upper body strength as you must climb through trees and over boulders. If you’re looking for challenging Dominica hiking, More Diablotin may be just the hike – but getting a guide is highly recommended.

The trailhead is in Morne Diablotin National Park, on the way to the Syndicate Nature trail. 

Time required: Minimum of 6 hours.

🥾 Looking for a guide? This 6-hour tour leaves from Syndicate and takes you up Morne Diablotin, where you can observe some of the oldest rainforests and two endemic species of Parrots.

16. Boiling Lake Hike Dominica

two men hiking in on the boiling lake trail in dominica. you can see the steam coming up from the lake as they walk towards it.

If you can only do one hike in Dominica, make it Boiling Lake. It’s Dominica’s signature hike and takes you through many different landscapes.

The Boiling Lake hike starts from Titou Gorge, taking you through the rainforest up to a gorgeous mountaintop viewpoint where you can get 360 views of the island, including the capital city Roseau.

The trail then descends into the Valley of Desolation, where you’ll be surrounded by bubbling pools and hissing vents letting out steam. It’s an incredible place to walk through, but you need to be careful here as people have severely burnt themselves walking into boiling water.

This is why a guide is recommended for this hike which I agree with – it’s the only hike in Dominica I got a guide for.

The last quarter of the hike takes you past gorgeous blue pools of water and finally onto a ledge where you’ll be overlooking the second-largest boiling lake in the world. This is a great place to enjoy a well-deserved lunch and sit and take in the views.

The lake has a center-boiling point, and steam rises from it. I loved watching the steamroll in and off the lake from the wind – it’s one of the most unique experiences to have in Dominica. On the way back, jump into Titou Gorge for a refreshing dip. 

Time required: Minimum 6 hours if you hike quickly (it took us 8). Check out my post on hiking boiling lake for more tips on completing this hike.

🎒Looking for a guide? This highly-rated guided hiking tour includes all admission fees, snacks, and time to relax in natural pools.

17. Morne Anglais Trail

Located on the southern coast of Dominica, the Morne Anglais Trail offers a journey through coastal cliffs, picturesque beaches, and lush tropical forests.

This moderate-level hike begins at Scott’s Head, a volcanic peninsula with stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

As you ascend Morne Anglais, the island’s highest peak on the southern end and one of the highest mountains in Dominica, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the islands’ rugged coastline and neighboring islands.

Time required: 1.5-3 hours round trip

18. The Waitukubuli National Trail Dominica

Dominica’s Waitukubuli National Trail is the only long-distance hiking trail in the Caribbean.

It’s a joined-up series of 14 hike segments that run from Scotts Head in the south of the island to the Cabrits National Park in the north, covering almost 115 miles and showcasing Dominica’s diverse natural habitats.

The whole route takes about two weeks to complete. Camping is not permitted to protect the local ecosystems, but there are eco-lodges and B&Bs en route. A hiking pass is required for the WNY, which can be purchased on their website. Or you can join this 19-day guided tour of the trail.

When I was visiting Dominica in January 2022, many sections of the trail were closed for repairs, so be sure to check in advance if you’re planning a trip here to do the entire hike.

While hiking the trail in its entirety would be an incredible experience, it’s not necessary. The trail is broken into 14 trail segments, many of which can be done as day hikes. Section 1 is a popular choice, which takes you from Scott’s Head to Soufriere (approx 4 hours).

Dominica hiking tours

If you are traveling solo or just want a local, knowledgeable guide, here are the most highly-rated Dominica hiking tours. Don’t end up like me lost in the jungle!

FAQ: Hikes in Dominica

How long is the hike to Boiling Lake Dominica?

The hike to Boiling Lake in Dominica is approximately 7-8 miles (11-13 kilometers) round trip, usually taking around 6-8 hours to complete, including rest stops and exploration around the lake.

How long does it take to walk around Dominica?

The duration to walk around Dominica depends on various factors, including your pace, the specific route chosen, and any rest days included. As the Waitukubuli National Trail spans approximately 115 miles, completing the entire trail typically takes around 14-21 days for most hikers.

What is the longest trail in Dominica?

The longest trail in Dominica is the Waitukubuli National Trail, which stretches across the island for approximately 115 miles (185 kilometers).

What is the national trail in Dominica?

The national trail in Dominica is the Waitukubuli National Trail, a long-distance walking trail that showcases the island’s natural beauty, cultural heritage, and communities.

How long is the Waitukubuli trail?

The Waitukubuli Trail spans approximately 115 miles (185 kilometers) from the southern tip to the northern end of Dominica.

What are the best places for hiking trails in Dominica?

Dominica offers several fantastic places for hiking trails, including the Boiling Lake Trail, Middleham Falls Trail, Titou Gorge, Morne Anglais Trail, Syndicate Nature Trail, and various sections of the Waitukubuli National Trail.

Where to hike in Dominica?

Popular hiking destinations in Dominica include Morne Trois Pitons National Park, where you can explore the Boiling Lake and Middleham Falls Trail, and other areas like Titou Gorge, Syndicate Nature Trail, and Morne Anglais.

Where to stay in Dominica?

Dominica offers a range of accommodations, including eco-lodges, guesthouses, and resorts, scattered throughout the island. Some popular areas to consider for accommodation are Roseau (the capital city), Portsmouth, Soufriere, and the areas near hiking trails or national parks.

Can you drink the water in Dominica?

While the tap water in Dominica is generally considered safe to drink, it is advisable for visitors to stick to bottled water, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or are unsure about the quality of the water in specific locations.

Final thoughts: Hiking Dominica

There you have it, 18 amazing trails to experience hiking in Dominica!

Dominica’s hiking trails are an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s unspoiled beauty.

Whether you’re seeking challenging treks or serene walks through pristine nature, Dominica has it all.

From the awe-inspiring Boiling Lake Trail to the tranquil Syndicate Nature Trail, each hike promises unforgettable experiences and a deep connection with nature.

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