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6 Reasons Weligama is The Perfect Surf Town

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Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a popular destination for surf holidays. It’s budget-friendly, full of friendly locals, and home to world-class beaches and waves all throughout the countries coastline. And one of the best places to surf is Weligama on the Southern Coast.

Weligama, which translates to ‘sandy village’ was once just a fishing village but has turned into a lively beach town over the last few years. If you’re looking to learn or brush up on your surf skills during a holiday to Sri Lanka, Weligama is the perfect surf town to visit.

Learning to surf in Weligama, Sri Lanka
Surfers in Weligama, Sri Lanka

Why Weligama is the perfect place to Surf in Sri Lanka

1. The Waves in Weligama are great for Surf

Weligama Surf
Weligama has perfect waves for beginner surfers

Weligama surf is perfect for beginners learning the ropes, or for those brushing up on their skills before heading to some more advanced destinations around the area.

The waves in Weligama bay are perfect for learning to surf, as they are small and consistent. However, as you improve your surf skills you only have to paddle out a bit further to catch some even bigger waves. There are also a number of surf spots outside of Weligama Bay for those looking for something more advanced.

Below is a drone video showing us surfing in Weligama Bay.

2. Weligama Surf Camps 

There are over 30 surf schools within a 500m radius in Weligama, so there are no shortage of lessons for those wanting to learn to surf. I spent a week at Elsewhere Surf Camp, which is happy to host both newbies and professional surfers.

The staff here are so nice, and my surf instructor was a legend. If anyone can get me to catch a wave, they must be a good surf teacher! Elsewhere also has daily yoga classes and you can do a surf/yoga package option.

Elsewhere is party-oriented and at night the staff takes everyone out to the best bars in the area. But if you want to stay in and relax it’s no problem. They have a lovely hammock area in the back, as well as a big living room for lounging and watching movies.

surf weligama
Learning to surf at Elsewhere surf camp in Weligama, Sri Lanka

Even if you don’t want to commit to a surf camp, lessons can be easily arranged. Weligama Bay, the main beach in the area, is filled with surf schools offering daily lessons or surfboard rentals.

Click here to book a surf lesson in Weligama.

surfer at weligama bay
Weligama Bay is lined with surf schools offering surf lessons and surfboard rentals

3. Weligama’s location in Sri Lanka

Weligama is also located in the middle of some other amazing surf spots in Sri Lanka. Just a 15-30 minute drive East you will hit Mirissa and Matara, and 30-45 minutes to the west is Galle and Hikkaduwa.

That puts Weligama perfectly in the middle of all the best surf breaks that the southwest of Sri Lanka has to offer, allowing you to hit the best waves on the coast on any day.

Mirissa is another popular beach town close to Weligama
Mirissa is another popular beach town close to Weligama

If you need a break from surf, Weligama is also a great base to go see some of the other attractions of Sri Lanka. You can go on an Elephant Safari in Udawalawe National Park, release a baby sea turtle in the nearby ocean, or visit the tea plantations of Ella.

wildlife encounter with elephants in Sri Lanka
Elephant safari Udawalawe National Park

4. The Food in Weligama

Surfing burns energy. Tons of it. Luckily, if you need to re-fuel after surfing there’s no shortage of yummy restaurants to eat after surfing in Weligama. I loved eating at Hangtime on their rooftop restaurant which is across the road from Weligama Bay. There you can enjoy a delicious meal and watch the surfers below. It’s also a popular hostel where you can stay.

View of Weligama from Hangten restaurant
View of Weligama from Hangten restaurant

Tiki Cliff Bar and Restaurant does a killer seared Tuna steak, along with an even better view. Another option is Nomad Sri Lanka. They do healthy, delicious meals that look as good as they taste.

Sushi bowl in Weligama
Sushi bowl from Nomad

And of course, roti, roti, roti! Like most places in Sri Lanka, Weligama has plenty of local “roti huts” (a small stand selling roti and other quick foods). may not be the healthiest item, but it’s an easy and filling snack, and incredibly affordable!

5. Availability of Yoga

Surf and Yoga go hand in hand. Yoga helps to improve strength, balance, and flexibility which are essential skills for surfing. It also helps calm the mind and improve mental clarity, which can be super helpful for new surfers who may feel nervous (aka me)! The days that I did yoga before surfing I noticed a huge difference in my ability.

Elsewhere Surf Camps offers Yoga classes on the rooftop with beautiful views of Weligama
Elsewhere Surf Camps offers Yoga classes on the rooftop with beautiful views of Weligama

Elsewhere offers combined Surf & Yoga packages, and anyone who books a surf package gets one complimentary yoga class along with it. If you’re not staying at a surf camp you can also do yoga classes as Kosala Wedhanage Yoga, which are taught by a guru at the Gangarama temple in Weligama. 

6. The Atmosphere

The best part about Weligama is that you can choose to party or just chill out.  Mirissa has the larger party scene but it’s close enough that you can get a tuk-tuk there any night you want to party. There is an awesome bar called Doctors House located between Weligama and Mirissa.

That said, Weligama does have it’s own party scene. On the weekends Tiki bar is a great place to go.

Weligama Surf camp
Partying with the crew from Elsewhere at Tiki Bar

Some people can get up after a night of partying and go surf. Sometimes I can do that, other mornings I can’t. I like that in Weligama you have the option to party but can also just end the day with a beer and sunset on a secluded beach like this.

Sunset at jungle beach in Weligama, Sri Lanka
Sunset at jungle beach in Weligama, Sri Lanka

Where to stay in Weligama

Aside from the surf camps,  there are a ton of great accommodation options in Weligama ranging from 5$ private rooms in a guesthouse, all the way to 5-star luxury villas. Whether you want a quiet place to rest your head after a day of surfing, or somewhere to meet like-minded travelers to party away the night, Weligama has it.

Check here for more accommodation in Weligama.

Best Time to Surf in Weligama

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, with two different monsoon seasons affecting different parts of the island at different times. This is actually a positive because it means it’s dry somewhere on the island at any time of year.

Officially, from October to March the South Coast (including Weligama) is in season, and from April to September the season shifts to the East Coast. However, it is possible to surf in Weligama year-round and if you choose to go during “off-season” you will be rewarded with fewer crowds and cheaper prices. The waves are typically bigger during the off-season, so this may be a better time to go if you are an experienced surfer.

I learned to surf in Weligama in September which is offseason, and the weather was fabulous!

Getting to Weligama

Weligama is located on Sri Lanka’s Southern coast in-between Galle and Mirissa.

There is no airport there, so if you fly into the international airport in Negombo, it is about three hours away. You can either take a bus, train, or car. You can also book private transfers from the airport in advance. Otherwise, you can get a taxi at the airport or through Uber (yes, they go long distances). There are also buses every 15 minutes from Galle (about an hour away) and Matara (30 minutes).

Find busses and train to Weligama here.

Weligama is on the Colombo–Matara train line. You can read more about taking the train in Sri Lanka here.


FAQ: Surfing in Weligama

Is Weligama good for surfing?

Yes, Weligama is excellent for surfing, especially for beginners, due to its small, consistent waves and numerous surf schools.

Can you swim in Weligama?

Yes, you can swim in Weligama, with its gentle waves making it a safe and enjoyable spot for swimming.

Why is Weligama famous?

Weligama is famous for its vibrant surf culture, beautiful beaches, and as a great spot for beginners to learn surfing.

Is Weligama crowded?

Weligama can get crowded, especially during the peak surfing season, due to its popularity among surfers and tourists.

What is the best time of day to surf Weligama?

The best time to surf in Weligama is early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the midday sun and crowds.

Which month is the best for surfing in Sri Lanka?

The best months for surfing in Sri Lanka are from October to March, especially on the South Coast where Weligama is located.

Is Sri Lanka good for beginner surfers?

Yes, Sri Lanka is great for beginner surfers, with spots like Weligama offering ideal conditions to learn and improve surfing skills.

Which is the nearest airport to Weligama?

The nearest airport to Weligama is Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo.

How do you get to Weligama, Sri Lanka?

You can get to Weligama by bus, train, or car from major cities like Colombo, with the journey taking approximately three hours from the capital.

How much is the bus ticket from Colombo to Weligama?

The bus ticket from Colombo to Weligama typically costs around 300-500 LKR, depending on the type of bus service.

Final Thoughts: Weligama Surfing Experience

As we come to the end of our surf-soaked journey in Weligama, it’s clear why this charming town has become a must-visit destination for wave enthusiasts. From the beginner-friendly surf to the warm, inviting waters perfect for a swim, Weligama offers an experience that caters to everyone. Its fame stretches far beyond just surfing; it’s a vibrant hub where culture, adventure, and relaxation blend seamlessly. Despite its growing popularity, the town retains a balance, offering both lively crowds and serene moments, especially during those golden hours of surfing at dawn and dusk. Remember, the best waves await you from October to March, making these months ideal for your Sri Lankan surf expedition. And for those just starting out, Sri Lanka’s welcoming waves provide the perfect canvas to begin your surfing story. Easily accessible from Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport and just a bus ride away, Weligama is not just a destination; it’s a starting point for countless stories and adventures. So, pack your bags, grab your board, and dive into the unforgettable experience that Weligama promises. Whether you’re riding your first wave or just soaking in the sun-kissed beaches, this surf town is ready to etch lasting memories in your heart. 🌊🏄‍♀️🌅

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