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a horizontal photo of lora sitting on a ledge in lisbon portugal looking out at the city. in the background are beautiful red houses. the overlay text reads explore with lora - ultimate guide to becoming and thriving as a digital nomad
three photos of lora in picture frame format. one she is sitting in on the streets of lisbon, below she is working on a computer in tenerife spain, and the last one she is in petra jordan looking at the monastary.

Hey! I’m Lora, and welcome to your resource for creating your dream lifestyle.

I used to think being location independent was just a pipe dream, but now my old daydreams have become my reality.

I’ve been a digital nomad for the last five years, visiting and living in over 70 countries, all while building a thriving online business.

If you’re dreaming of this lifestyle but don’t know where to start, stick around and learn with me.

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logos of publications lora has been featured in which include matador network, explore magazine, usa today, tripscout, insider, parade, conde nast traveler, and skyscanner

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