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I know I probably sound like a broken record saying how much I love yet another place, but I have fallen head over heels for Buenos Aires. I will un-love somewhere else to love Buenos Aires more. The city has so much to offer and such a great vibe about it – it’s easily one of the best cities in South America!

Here are my top 10 things to do while visiting Buenos Aires to add to your Buenos Aires Itinerary.

10 Things to do in Buenos Aires

Go to a live show

Bombay Del Tiempo in Buenos Aires
La Bomba De Tiempo, a 17-piece drum ensemble that happens every Monday night

Buenos Aires has such a great nightlife and entertainment scene. They have everything from electronic clubs, live jazz, full orchestras, and of course Tango! There are dance clubs all over the city and you can even find locals performing tango in public places for tips.

While visiting Buenos Aires I attended La Bomba De Tiempo which is a 17 piece drum ensemble performance that happens every Monday night. The energy coming from the performers and audience is so much fun to take part in. What better way to start off the week than dancing?!

tango dancers in buenos aires
Tango dancers performing in a public square in San Telmo

Eat all the Asado

a typical Asado on the grill
a typical Asado on the grill

Meat is basically a religion in Argentina and Buenos Aires is no exception. Asado which is is similar to what we know as ‘BBQ’ in North America is one of the best things to do here. Argentinians know how to cook meat!

If you’re lucky enough to meet some friendly locals you may be invited to an Asado gathering by them, but if not a lot of hostels in the city will also host Asado nights. Just don’t expect to eat until 11 pm or later, this is the standard here.

And drink all the wine

Malbec wine from Argentina
Malbec wine from Argentina

What would Asado be without a glass of red wine to go with it? Argentina is home to some of the best wines in the world and they are relatively inexpensive, so indulge!

Party Until Dawn

A craft brewery in Palermo, one of the main nightlife areas in BA
A craft brewery in Palermo, one of the main nightlife areas in Buenos Area

When you eat supper at 11 pm going out at 2 am begin to seems normal. The bars stay open here very late. Like past the break of dawn.

I highly recommend having a nap in the early evening to prepare your body for an all-night adventure! There are plenty of craft breweries to explore in the early evening as well, but the nightlife really picks up past 2 am.

Watch a football game

La Boca Stadium in La Boca, Buenos Aires
La Boca Stadium in La Boca, Buenos Aires

If there’s one thing Argentines love as much as the meat it’s probably football (or as we know it soccer in Canada). Buenos Aires has several football stadiums where you can see a live game.

Outside of the stadiums, you will also find locals playing football in any green space available. If you see a group playing just ask to join in and they will be happy to have you!

Explore the beautiful neighbourhoods on a free walking tour

San Telmo, one of the many neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires
San Telmo, one of the many neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a vast amount of gorgeous neighborhoods to explore, and luckily there are tons of free walking tours to do to learn all about them! Check out Buenos Aires Free Walks, which offers free tours of the City Center and Recoleta, as well as paid tours of Palermo and La Boca.

Explore the local markets

San Telmo Sunday Market
San Telmo Sunday Market

It seems that the markets in Buenos Aires are as countless as the neighborhoods. There are so many different markets to explore! My two favorites were the Palermo SoHo market on the weekends for its hipster clothes and the famous Sunday San Telmo market for its eclectic collection of crafts and antiques.

Chill in the park

A giant 200 year old tree located in Gomero de la Recoleta
A giant 200-year-old tree located in a park in Recoleta

Buenos Aires may be a busy city but they also have a lot of parks that you can relax in.

A great escape from the hustle and bustle is the Ecological Reserve located on the east side of Puerto Madero neighborhood where you can find many different types of birds.

If you really need a break from the city take a day trip to nearby Tigre, a popular weekend destination for locals where you can relax on the delta and enjoy the latte-colored rivers.

Take a Spanish Class

While knowing Spanish isn’t essential to visit Argentina, it will make your trip more enjoyable as not everyone can speak English, and the locals will appreciate your effort.

If you want to take Spanish classes while in Buenos Aires I  recommend Academia Buenos Aires where I spent a week studying. The school is located right in the city center, they have great instructors, and free activities throughout the week included with your course fee.

Indulge your sweet tooth

A typical ice cream serving in Buenos Aires. Why get one flavor when you can get three? (and yes it’s so good I couldn’t resist taking a bite before the picture)!

Between all the sweets in Argentina, it is a mystery to me how the local people manage to still look so attractive. This county seems to have an infinity for sweets and they are hard to resist.

I grew an obsession with Dulce de Leche, which is a popular breakfast spread similar to caramel. Because why not start your day with sugar? Alfajores are another popular and delicious treat that is two cookies with Dulce de leche in the middle.

Ice cream is also huge in the city. Everywhere I looked there was an ice cream shop! Of course, you can get Dulce de leche flavored ice cream, which is absolutely delicious.

Have you been to Buenos Aires? What are your favorite things to do in the city?

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