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Ella was one of my favorite places that I visited while backpacking Sri Lanka. Surrounded by natural beauty, there are so many fun outdoor things to do in Ella. It’s the type of place I could get stuck for weeks! Even if you only have a few days to spend in Ella, you can still fit a lot of these activities in since it’s a pretty small place.

Here are my top 10 recommendations for things to do in Ella, Sri Lanka!

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Top 10 Things to do in Ella Sri Lanka

1. Watch the Sunrise from Ella Rock

sunrise over ella rock
Watching the sunrise over the mountains on top of Ella rock

Your best shot at a clear sky in Ella is to get up earlier rather than later so why not enjoy a beautiful sunrise hike?

Hiking Ella Rock is one of the best treks to do in the morning in Ella as it is only an hour up to the top and provides stunning views of the rising sun against the surrounding landscapes.

Added bonus, by going early in the morning you won’t get too hot as the sun is very strong in Sri Lanka during the day. But even without the sun this hike is challenging as it’s a steep climb to the top from the base.

If you stay at Ella Escapade Hostel Ella Rock is easy to reach in the morning, as the hostel is located directly across from it. The trek is a bit confusing and there are guides around if you need them, but we were able to find our own way there via signs and asking a few locals.

2. Hike Little Adam’s Peak

Hiking on Little Adam's Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka
Hiking around Little Adam’s Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka

Little Adam’s Peak is a relatively easy hike in Ella, especially when compared with the famous Adam’s Peak in Nuwara Eliya that it’s named after.

It’s one of the best things to do in Ella, as it takes only 15 minutes to climb up. Once at the top, there is a nice ridge you can walk along, with tons of viewpoints and photo ops. I ended up walking way past the original peak, which was nice to get away from the crowds and have the views to myself.

I hiked Little Adam’s Peak mid-day and enjoyed it, although I can imagine watching the sunrise over the rolling hills would make the scenery all that more special.

There are many guided tours which will take you to little Adam’s peak as well as nine arch bridge.

3. Learn to cook the local cuisine

taking a cooking class in ella
Private cooking class at Lanka cooking classes

Sri Lankan food is incredibly tasty so why not take a cooking class and bring home some knowledge of what makes the delicious flavors? There are several restaurants in Ella that offer cooking classes. We ended up going with Lanka cooking classes, but I’ve also heard great things about Ella Spice Garden.

I recommend booking the class in advance as they are popular. We called several the day we wanted to go and they were all full, but Lanka cooking classes was awesome enough to put on a private class for the seven of us!

The class was a great experience. We made four different types of curries and roti. Although we were only making one big batch, the teacher was very hands-on and got us doing most of the prep, so it was clear how it was made. He also provided us with a recipe book afterward so you don’t need to worry about writing things down.

After finishing cooking, we all sat down to eat all our delicious hard-work. There was so much food in the end that we couldn’t even finish it! It was a really nice feeling to sit down together and eat, and get to chat with the owner more about local life in Sri Lanka.

Taking a cooking class is a great thing to do in Ella if you need a recovery day from all the trekking.

4. Visit a tea factory

tea plantation in ella
Tea plantations in Ella, Sri Lanka

The rolling hills of Ella are a photographers dreams and what makes these hills pop so much is the stunning green color created by the tea fields.

If you’re trekking around the Ella area you can easily stop into a tea plantation and find out how the tea is made from plant to cup, or you can organize a tea factory day tour from Ella.

It was really interesting to learn about how the different types of tea are created through the refining process. The factory we visited alone produces 20,000kg of tea per year. This is also a great place to buy Sri Lankan tea to take home as a souvenir.

5. Check out Lipton’s Seat

I’m sure you’ve heard of Lipton’s Tea – well, this is where it all began.

Sri Thomas Lipton owned acres of tea plantations throughout Ella and Lipton’s Seat is where he used to go to look over his tea empire. At the top, there is a statue of Sir Thomas Lipton and a small cafe to have a cup of tea while you admire the view.

visiting liptons seat

Unfortunately, as you may be able to tell from the background of that photo, it was cloudy at the top when we visited. By the time we came back down, it was sunny again! That’s just how things go in Ella.

It’s about a 7km walk to the top but not many travelers opt for this. Instead, you can get a tuk-tuk ride to the top and then walk back down along the beautiful rolling hills.

6. Walk along the train tracks to Nine Arch Bridge

walk the railway tracks ella
Walking along the railway tracks in Ella, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka a railway track also serves as a sidewalk and they are so much fun to walk on. Don’t worry, the train makes a ton of noise before it comes so you have time to jump off the tracks!

The town of Ella is well connected to the railway tracks so you can use them to get around the city and nearby areas.  One of the prettiest places to visit along the tracks is Nine Arch Bridge.

This bridge was constructed in 1921 and is one of the best examples of colonial-era railway construction in the country. It makes for a perfect instagram photo op.

The train runs several times a day so if you wait around long enough you can also see the train pass over the bridge, or even stand next to it as it passes through – it’s quite the thrill!

Nine Arch Bridge in Ella, Sri Lanka
Nine Arch Bridge in Ella, Sri Lanka

7. Chase waterfalls

Diyaluma falls in Ella, Sri Lanka
Diyaluma falls in Ella, Sri Lanka

Don’t go listening to TLC, in Ella you can chase waterfalls until your heart’s content in Ella. 

Ravana Falls

If you’re looking for something close and easy to town you can check out Ravana falls. They are about a 15-minute drive right off from the town of Ella. If you are driving to Ella from the South Coast you can see them along the way, just keep your eyes out to the left.

If you want to get a closer look, you can walk up to them from the road and stand at the edge of the flowing water beneath the falls. Some people choose to swim there, but it’s incredibly dangerous with several signs warning you not to do that.

There is also a cave near the falls, named Ravana Cave, which you can visit.

Diyaluma Falls

If you’re looking for an adventure I highly recommend making the trek out to Diyaluma falls. At the falls there are several natural infinity pools that you can spend the day exploring and swimming in.

The falls are about an hour away from town so you need to either rent motorbikes or get a tuk-tuk to drive you (they are cheap to hire). The falls are immediately visible from where the driver drops you off, but to get to the top where you can swim is a trek.

As soon as you get dropped off the tuk-tuk driver will try to organize a guide for you, who are conveniently waiting there. A guide will try to charge you about 1,500 rupees to walk you to the upper falls, but it’s not necessary to hire one. You can get there on your own. Walk my world wrote a great blog post about getting there without a guide which we used to get there.

It’s not the easiest hike, the trail is a steep climb and it took us about an hour. But it’s absolutely worth it. Diyaluma Falls are amazing at the top, I had so much fun spending the day there. Check out the drone footage from the falls!

8. Go on an Elephant Safari

Less then two hours away from Ella is Udawalawe National Park, which happens to be one of the best places in Sri Lanka to see elephants.

I spent a day at this park on safari and fell in love with it. We saw several male elephants as well as a variety of other wildlife including buffalo, birds, monkeys, and reptiles.

Although Udawalawe isn’t in Ella I’m including it in this list because you can easily arrange a day tour from Ella to Udawalawe. If you aren’t planning to visit on your own after then this is a great way to get there! You can also arrange day tours to Yala National Park from Ella, which is one of the best places to see leopards in Sri Lanka.

9. Explore Ella Town

The actual town of Ella is small but has a number of accommodations, shops, restaurants, and bars. If you’re looking for things to do in Ella at night, this is one of the few options.

Like most of Sri Lanka, the prices are cheap and many offer cheap cocktail deals late into the night. I liked cafe one love, which has a hippy vibe – offering comfy seats to lounge out on, hookah, and cheap cocktails. And it’s open 24 hours!

10. Ride the Train

train ella to kandy

Taking the train in Sri Lanka is a quintessential Sri Lanka experience and there’s no better place to get on it then Ella. This is the start of Sri Lanka’s most famous train ride, one that’s known to be among the most beautiful in the world, the Ella-Kandy train.

The journey takes about seven hours in total and seats are not guaranteed. While hanging out the train is fun, it’s not something you want to do for that long. An alternative is to take the train from Ella to Nuwara Eliya, spend a couple of days there, and then continue on to Kandy.

Getting to Ella

Ella is one the Sri Lankan train route so if you are coming from another city in Sri Lanka connected by train, then this is definitely the best way to get there. The most common routes are Colombo to Ella, and Kandy to Ella (the scenic one)!

You can also get a bus to Ella from most places in Sri Lanka which is a very cheap form of transport, but it can be pretty uncomfortable if you’re going long distances. Seats are not guaranteed!

Best Time to Visit Ella

The best time to visit Ella is January to May because this is when you’ll have the best chances of no rain and clear skies. Due to Ella’s high elevation and climate there’s always a chance of rain however. I visited Ella in September and there was only rain one day, the rest of the time it was warm and mainly sunny.

Where to stay in Ella

Budget: I recommend staying at Ella Escapade Hostel. This is where I spent most of time in Ella, and although it’s not in Ella Town, it has the most amazing backpacker atmosphere. As soon as you walk into the place you are welcomed by everyone there. It’s location is beautiful as it looks out over the train tracks, and you can watch the trains go by during the day. You can walk the train tracks to Ella Town in just half an hour.

If you want to stay closer to Ella town, I’ve heard good about things about Backpackers Paradise.

Mid-range: Rawana Den is a lovely hotel right in Ella Town.

Luxury: 98 Acres Resort & Spa. This resort is located right next to Little Adam’s Peak. Even if you can’t afford to stay here, you can visit the restaurant which offers great food with a stunning view of Little Adam’s Peak.

Where to go after Ella

Depending on what direction you are heading, you can either take the train North to Nuwara Eliya or Kandy, further East to Arugam bay, or take a bus down to the southern coast for surfing and beaches.

Udawalawe National Park is also nearby, which is an amazing place to see elephants and other wildlife in Sri Lanka.

For help planning your Sri Lanka trip, check out my guide on how to plan the best Sri Lanka itinerary.

Final Thoughts

Ella is such a beautiful town and an absolute must if you’re visiting Sri Lanka. Tell me, have you been to Ella before? Did you love it as much as me? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Thanks so much! It was such a fun place to play with my drone, although I found out after you aren’t allowed to use them. Luckily I already had the pics haha x

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