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The holidays are just around the corner, and while I usually do a travel-inspired gift guide each year, we all know 2020 isn’t a normal year. Many of us still can’t travel, but I’ve seen so many women embracing the great outdoors this year. With that in mind, here are the best gifts for outdoor women.

If you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy women, I’ve got you covered! I spend most of my time living it up in the outdoors and would be delighted to get any of these as a present.

Outdoor Gifts For Women: Clothing & Home

  1. Wanderbabe Clothing

Wanderbabe is a new brand of clothing launched by Kristin of Be My Travel Muse earlier this year. All the clothes are meant for travel, so they are super comfy to wear with equally cute prints. Check out this adorable whale dress!

You can feel good about giving this gift, as 10% goes to empowering women in need.

2. Trucker Hat

I bought a trucker hat from Patagonia earlier this summer for all my hiking adventures on the East Coast Trail, and I’ve grown pretty obsessed with it. I don’t know how I lived without one before!

An outdoor themed trucker hat is a great gift choice for women who love the outdoors because it’s useful for sun protection, getting hair out of your face, and generally looking cute.

3. Buff Headwear

Buffs are such a useful gift. It saved me while I was in Yellowknife this winter in -40 chasing the northern lights, as you can easily pull it up to cover the part of your face that’s exposed.

If it’s hot outside, the thinner versions are ideal for protecting you from the sun. They are multi-functional for many different activities, making them a perfect gift for outdoor women.

4. Clever Travel Companion Clothing

Clever travel companion is a brand of clothing designed to help protect you from pickpockets, with stealth built-in pockets.

While these clothes are designed for travel, they also make great gifts for outdoor women as you can easily carry your belongings while you’re out exploring without having to worry about lugging a bag around. Plus, women who love the outdoors probably also love to travel!

5. Merino Wool Layers

I cannot explain to you how much I love merino wool for hiking. It’s not only super packable and light (making it perfect for outdoor adventures), but keeps you so cozy! Merino wool helps wick moisture away from the skin, which helps you stay dry and warm. 

6. Nature Inspired T-Shirts

These nature-inspired t-shirts are a super cute and practical gift choice. I love the mountain print!

7. Nature Inspired Jewelry

I love being able to show off my passion for the outdoors through wearing jewelry. Etsy has some really cute options, like these mountain and tree necklace pendants.

8. Decorative Pillow With Adventure Quotes

Nothing makes a home cuter than a good throw pillow. These adventure-inspired pillows are great gifts for outdoor lovers who like to show it off.

Fun Outdoor Gifts For Women

9. Packable Hammock

This lightweight packable hammock is a perfect gift for outdoorsy women because it’s good for all kinds of adventures!

It easily packs up small, so you can throw it into a backpack while hiking and then hang it up between the trees if you want to relax. Or bring it to the park to chill – the possibilities are endless!

10. An Experience Through Tinggly

I truly believe that experiences make the best gifts, and I’ve found an amazing way to give one through Tinggly.

You can browse hundreds of amazing experiences worldwide, including many epic outdoor adventures like a hot air balloon in Cappadocia or a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. Whichever experience you choose, any outdoorsy woman is sure to love this gift too.

11. GoPro

GoPro is the ultimate adventure camera, so this is a perfect gift idea for the outdoors women. I take my GoPro on all my adventures, whether that’s hiking, diving, or paragliding!

The Osmo Pocket is another great travel camera, but I think the GoPro is the better of the two for adventures. You can read my full review comparing the Osmo Pocket and GoPro here!

12. Books That Inspire You To Get Outdoors

Books have always been one of my favourite gifts to receive.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed is one of my all-time favorites. This beautiful memoir tells the story of how Strayed hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with no prior hiking experience after losing her mother.

Better yet, get your outdoorsy woman a kindle so she can download all of her favorite books. They are super lightweight and last days on a single charge, making it a perfect companion for outdoor adventures and road trips. They are even waterproof!

13. Binoculars

I never knew how much I wanted a pair of binoculars until I received them as a gift for Christmas one year simply because they are amazing for viewing wildlife! Binoculars make great gifts for outdoor girls who love animals.

14. Bose Portable speaker

While not completely necessary, I take my Bose speaker with me on most of my adventures and never regret it. The sound quality is amazing, and it means I have music with me no matter where I am. Nothing like taking a gorgeous mountain sunset in with your favorite song!

Practical Gifts For The Outdoor Girl

15. All-Weather Notebook

This all-weather notebook is a thoughtful gift choice for outdoor girls. The paper is all-weather, so it repels water, oil, mud, grime, and other elements. Yet it’s lightweight with a slim profile, so it’s easy to carry for backpacking and travel!

16. Phone tripod

As a solo adventurer, I know the struggle of taking nice photos on your outdoor adventures. This phone tripod solves that problem, making it super easy to snap insta-worthy photos no matter where you are.

17. Yeti Rambler

I got a Yeti as a gift from Nova Scotia Tourism on my trip to Cape Breton this summer and have no idea how I didn’t live with it sooner. They are amazing for your coffee warm for hours and come in perfect small sizes for adventures.

18. SmartWool Socks

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting socks as a gift when you’re an adult? I stepped into so many puddles wearing SmartWool socks while hiking around St. John’s and was super impressed at how comfortable I was even after getting my feet wet. Hiking socks make a huge difference!

19. Hydro flask water bottle

Water is an adventurer’s best friend, and Hydro flask is my all-time fave water bottle to use. The stainless steel design keeps your water cool for up to 24 hours, which is ideal for long adventures!

2. Travel Coffee Press

Because instant coffee isn’t okay. If you know a women who loves the outdoors as much as she loves a good cup of coffee, then this travel coffee press is the perfect gift choice.

21. Quick Dry Towel

These quick-dry towels are so versatile. They pack up light and are perfect for travel and all kinds of outdoor adventures like day hikes, camping, or hitting the beach. 

22. Fitbit

Fitbits are amazing outdoor companions because they track all the hard work you do (and you know, telling the time). The battery can also up to a week, which is great if you’re headed into the backcountry for a while.

23. Headlamp

I always have a headlamp in my bag when I hit the outdoors! Even if I don’t plan to be out late, you never know what will happen. They can be a lifesaver! Any hiker, climber, camper, or stargazer will appreciate a good headlamp.

24. Lifestraw

Lifestrays are a game-changer. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors and need to refill your water bottle, lifestraw ensures the water you are drinking is clean. Also very practical for traveling!

25. Outdoor blanket

An outdoor blanket is a perfect gift for any traveler, camper, hiker, or vanlifer. It’s always nice to have something to sit on while visiting national parks or hitting the beach.

26. Solar Battery Bank

I got one of these solar battery banks this summer and love it so much. This powerful battery can be charged using the sun, which means you can go on long outdoor adventures without having to worry about your electronics going dead.

27. Female Urination Device

While this might not be the sexiest gift out there, this female urination device is by far one of the most practical. Cause peeing as a women sucks, and this makes it way easier.

28. Dry Bags

These dry bags make awesome gifts for outdoorsy girls who love the water. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, or sailing, these bags protect all your items so they don’t get wet.

29. Hiking boots

Any hiker needs a good pair of boots. I bought these La Sportiva Hiking Boots in 2016 and am still rocking them to this day. They have been with me trekking through Peru, Patagonia, and Nepal, and show no signs of stopping. Highly recommend!

Ps. Looking for more gifts for a hiker?

30. Handheld GPS

If you’re feeling generous, any outdoorsy woman will appreciate this useful and potentially life-saving gift.

Stocking Stuffer Sized Outdoor Gifts For Her

For the last idea – why not get a stocking and fill it with outdoorsy stocking stuffers? I would LOVE to get this as a gift – so thoughtful!

There you have it, 31 thoughtful gifts for outdoor women. I hope this list could help you with your holiday shopping!

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