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Let’s call a spade a spade, the situation we’re in right now sucks. But I’m at the point where I can’t spend any more time reading the news and am looking for new ways to occupy my mind. One silver lining that’s come out of this is that many companies are offering free or heavily discounted online courses and tools to help people out during this time. Many of which are extremely valuable if you have a blog or online business!

I’ve been taking advantage of these as I see them come up, and thought some of you might also benefit. I’ll keep adding to this list as I find more, and encourage you to leave a comment below if you know of a helpful free or discounted product!

Free and Discounted Courses

Moz Academy – Free

Moz, the primary tool for checking your domain authority, has an online academy with various courses related to SEO. Right now, all the courses in the Moz Academy are free until May 31st using promo code ‘wegotthis’ at checkout. There are some really valuable courses in there that can help you with keyword research, building backlinks, page optimization, and more.

Ahrefs Blogging for Business – Free

Ahrefs, who created one of the best keyword research tools out there, also have an online academy. Currently, their blogging for business course is being offered for free. Even if you aren’t using Ahrefs as a tool in your business, the course is useful for growing a website as it teaches valuable content marketing strategies that can help increase your page views. I’ve only gotten through the first few lessons and have already found many useful tips.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is a company that puts together limited-time bundles with dozens of products related to a certain topic, offered at a VERY steep discount to what you would pay if each individual product was purchased. From April 1st-7th, they are offering the ‘Grow your Business’ bundle. This bundle features 35 eCourses for entrepreneurs worth over $18,000, and they are selling it for just $497 (that’s a 97% discount)! It covers every topic you could want to know for starting your own business.

Smart From Scratch by Pat Flynn – Free

Pat Flynn, the host of one of my favorite marketing podcasts Smart Passive Income, is currently offering his Start from Scratch course free for a limited time. The course is normally $249 USD. He’s a brilliant online marketer so if you’re looking for a crash course in business, I’d jump on this opportunity.

Digital Marketing Certificate from Google – Free

I believe this course is always free, but now may be a good time to take advantage. Google has a course in the fundamentals of digital marketing which even comes with a shiny certificate upon completion that you can put on your LinkedIn profile.

How to Stay Connected Anywhere you Travel with Pocket WiFi

Free Courses by Coursera

Coursera, an American online learning platform, is currently offering over 85 courses for free until May 31st. They range in topics from mental health to data science. Depending on what your online business is, there might be something helpful in there for you. It also might just be fun to take a course in a topic you’re interested in that’s not related to your business. I personally signed up for The Science of Well-being. I thought it would be a helpful topic to dig into during this time!

Skillshare – Free Two Month Subscription

Skillshare, another online learning platform, currently has an offer of two months free for new members. They have tons of courses related to design, photo, video, writing, and more, so this could be a very valuable resource to dive into if you want to improve your content creation skills.

Travel Blog Prosperity

Travel Blog Prosperity, a travel blogging course run by Jessie of Jessie on a Journey, has a promotion right now where you can get the first month for $9 (82% off). I was a member of this course for over a year and it helped me learn so much about how to make money blogging, and also got me multiple paid work and press trips opportunities. You can read my full review of the course here.

She also has some other courses on sale right now that are full of helpful info to grow your travel blog, including How to Work With Brands (52% off), and how to make money with affiliate marketing (60% off). Check out the rest of the sales here.

Free Tools

2-3 Months Free of Adobe Creative Cloud + Certification Discount

If you currently have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can delay your next payment by two-three months. If you are paying monthly, you can simply go into your online account under plans and click ‘cancel account’, then click the option ‘too expensive’, and an offer should come up for two months free. I’ve been told if you call them that they will give you three months free.

I had already paid for the year in advance, but I called them anyway and the representative added on three months free to my existing yearly subscription. The wait times are currently long, but they have a call back option so you don’t have to actually wait on the phone for hours.

If you are interested in improving your skills using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, I also saw this All-in-one Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle, which is currently being offered for only $34 (97% off the regular price).

Free 90-day Trial with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro, a video editing software program created by Apple, is currently offering a 90-day free trial (it’s normally just 30 days). I’m planning to finally dive into video editing during this time, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this offer.

Hootsuite Professional Plan – Free

Hootsuite, a great tool social media management tool, made their professional plan free until June 1st.

Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest – Free Premium Features

The free version of Ubersuggest, a helpful keyword research tool, has been upgraded with more features. You can find out more about these features in Neil’s blog post here.

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ConvertKit – New Features in Free Plan + Creator Fund

ConvertKit, the company that created one of the best e-mail marketing Software, has upped what’s included in their free plan. You can now send e-mail broadcasts up to 500 subscribers, plus they have added a creator pass with two free courses to help grow your business.

ConvertKit has also established a creator fund to help creators in need during this time. You can apply for financial assistance here.

Final Thoughts

I hope some of these products and tools can be helpful to you during this time. If you’re a travel blogger like myself then I sympathize, the current landscape is rough. But I do believe that now is a good time to develop skills that will help us down the road when things pick up again (and they will)! I also find having courses to work through gives me something to focus on during the day, and it is certainly more helpful than reading the news for the zillionth time.

If you’ve come across any more products or tools that have been made free during this time, please share in the comments below!

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